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June 18, 2014

Scaling back

I've been blogging here for several years, and for the most part have posted something every day (except lately on weekends). I'm beginning to feel stale. I definitely want to continue my "Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)" linky; this posts at the witching hour between Monday and Tuesday. But unless I feel truly inspired, I'm not going to stress over trying to post something every weekday.

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Thanks for everything,


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  1. Hari OM
    Yup, got you on the blogroller!!! I'd like to think that you really are going to put your feet up like this... Blessings, YAM xx

  2. Hi Sue, I sure understand your feelings right now about blogging daily. I'm also blogging day, and just took a 2 day break. Periodically I have to step away from the computer and get back to basics with the LORD and regroup~ It is so necessary. In fact I just blogged about this today in my post~ Take care and re focus. Remember that the LORD can use you again when it is the right time! hugs~


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