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July 14, 2011

Growing good corn

There once was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon.

One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors.

"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?" the reporter asked.

"Why sir," said the farmer, "didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn."

The farmer realized a special truth: his own corn cannot improve unless his neighbor's corn also improves.

So it is with our lives. Those who choose to live well must help others to live well. The welfare of each of us is bound up with the welfare of all of us.



  1. Wow! I love this story!

    Hello new blog friend! Im your newest follower via the blog hop! It would be great if you could follow me back!

    Have a great day,
    ~ Meg ~

  2. Wow what a good lesson, many should be reading this post. On the other hand, do you know that these days the commercial corn can be selfing, not open pollinated varieties anymore?

  3. Helping those around me grow spiritually helps me grow stronger in my faith as well........

    Hope you are having a good day!


  4. Beautiful.
    Thank you.

    Following from bassgiraffe.

    jenny at dapperhouse

  5. Dang, if only everyone thought like that all over the world. Now, no blueberry muffins here either. At our meme Recipe Swap Meet it has Blueberry muffins and I clicked on it, and it brought me here. :( No muffins ???

  6. Oh I enjoyed this 'fable' - most illuminating and so true. But alas how easily we forget. Thanks for the reminder. And for linking it up at my blog hop this weekend.

    Shah. X

  7. Love this!! Thanks for joining the S&R weekend hop again!


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