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March 19, 2010

Finding union with God in the silence

I have, in the past, had to detach myself from the busy-ness of things – even if the busy-ness was good (ie studying the Bible, conversing with on-line lists, etc) – it does no good if you cannot unite yourself with God.

Find the silence and in the silence listen to the whisper of God. Once you hear that whisper, you will find that He is there, and He will help you out with the rest.

Through detachment you will find a simple nakedness that allows you to be alone with God. Then you will find the peace and patience required to handle the rest, for with God, we can do, and deal, with anything.

– Annette Cuvellier

Do you find it easy to detach, to be alone with God? 
Do you have tips for others who may find this difficult to do?

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  1. I love to just sit out in the backyard in the morning, with the sun on my back, and adore God while my eyes feast on the beauty around me. If it's cold out, sometimes I just stand at the back door.

    Sometimes I quote my favorite scriptures, and sometimes I'm just quiet.

  2. Without a doubt, detachment is extremely difficult for me! No matter how hard I try, I continue to cling to relationships and things. I long to put it all and God's hands and leave it there, but my grasping hands keep reaching for it once again and won't let go. I've a long way to go on this road to holiness!


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