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July 19, 2009

What would I have done? - *

Lord, had I been living at the time you walked the earth
Would I have seen a Savior in a little baby’s birth?
Had I been in the temple when they brought the Holy One
Would I have noticed only a simple family’s son?

If I had watched you growing up, would I have helped you play?
Or would I just have told you, “Now Jesus, go away”?
Would I have helped to teach you as you grew to be a man?
Or would I have been too busy and thought, “Other people can”?

If I like Simon Peter had been fishing by the sea
I wonder what I would have done when you said, “Follow me”?
If I had seen you teaching, would I have stopped to hear?
Would I have been a person who stayed just to mock and jeer?

Would I have come to you and said, “Lord Jesus, make me whole”?
Would I have sought your cleansing for my own immortal soul?
Would I have been so stubborn in the old religious way
That I would fail to hear the truth in what you’d have to say?

Would I, like John, have followed you and learned from you for years?
Would I have knelt and washed your feet with my own hair and tears?
Could I have been like Judas and betrayed my friend and Lord,
And recognized my own mistake too late to be restored?

Could I have sworn I’d not forsake my Lord in any way
And then have done like Peter and denied you on that day?
Had I been in the crowd, would I have shouted “Crucify”?
Could I have done like Pilate, and condemned the Lord to die?

Could I have beaten Jesus until the Savior bled?
Could I have placed a crown of thorns on the Messiah’s head?
Would I have driven in the nails that day on Calvary?
Could I have stood beneath the cross and watched your agony?

Would I have stood there crying, Lord, after you had died?
Would I have taken sword in hand and pierced you in the side?
Would I have laid your body in the grave I’d bought for me?
And carried you so gently from the cross on Calvary?

Would I have gone with Mary to anoint your body, Lord?
And carried oils and spices that I scarcely could afford?
And when I saw the open tomb, would I have run away?
Would I have stayed to meet the risen Lord that Easter day?

Would I have been a person that would see and recognize?
Would I have been like Thomas and refused to trust my eyes?
And after you no longer walked on earth with mortal men
Could I have simply gone to live my former life again?
Would I have had the courage to tell all that I had seen?
Would the church have ever started if it had been left to me?
Would I have preached the message even though I was enchained?
Or at the least discomfort, would I have just complained?

And now today, Lord Jesus, do I give my very best?
Do I treat each person in my home as if you were my guest?
Do I fail to share with others all that you have done for me?
Do I pray and ask you every day what your will is for me?
Do I take the time to read your Word on every single day?
Do I use the Word to guide me when I’m tempted, Lord, to stray?
Do I live my life like I believe that you will come again?
Will I be scared to meet you when my life is at an end?
And when on day of judgment I stand before God’s son
Will you reveal my life and say, “My child, it was well done”?

- Sue Roth


  1. I have asked myself those very same questions often. During these times of doubt I am reminded that I am living NOW, and I should be doing the things that I would be asked to do if Jesus were physically present to me as he was to the disciples. Wait! He is physically present! I just have to keep trying to live as he has taught. No easy task! Thank you for this reflection! Cathy

  2. The soul does speak. Thank you for words that does express hearts that are changed by God's will. Reflecting on His Word, His Light, shines brightly in those who seek after Him and warms the heart of others that sees this reflection. Grandma's words I've often heard in my household but it was nice to hear another reflection of Him.


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