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July 5, 2009

Seeing God in vegetables?

I’ve never liked peeling potatoes. To me, it’s a tedious job. And I was delighted when a friend sent along a link to a YouTube video that showed an easy way to skin ‘em fast. I passed the link along to friends and received the following email in return from a nun I know:

I don't know if I ever told you this but I find myself getting into some heavy meditations while peeling vegetables..... For instance.... You probably already think when you are peeling/slicing or dicing or chopping onions about the layers of self we have to be willing to peel off of our tough skins if we want to get to the inner core that is vulnerable and loving and gentle.... Talk about gentle and strong....onion taste and smell!

One of my favorites is green or red bell peppers.... You have to somehow puncture that thick skin to get to the insides that are often roomy (for God) and have seeds for new growth if we expose them to water, air and sonshine!

With hot peppers of all shapes, sizes and colors.... You often have to singe or burn them in order to make getting inside easier and usable....

Cucumbers are another one of my favorite veggies.... This is a story that happened in my hippie days.... I was traveling across country to Arizona with my dog, a good friend, a tent and a guitar....everything we owned in the was an arid and hot trip once we got to the other side of the Rockies.... We had very little money and had spent most of it on gas and fast food on the way out west... plus a few things plus ice for the cooler....

When we got near Prescott, Arizona we actually stopped at a church to see if we could get a meal, a voucher or something to eat..... We got a food voucher at the local IGA store and we got a few items.... The thing I enjoyed the most was when I sat down next to our campfire, took out my trusty Swiss army knife, peeled the cucumber and realized for the first time that cucumbers are mainly water.....a real feast and SOOOOO wonderful.... It is a memory that comes back to me every time I peel or eat a cuke now and I say a little prayer for those folks who were happy to help two hippies on the road in the summer sun....

I will now always remember this video when it's time to peel potatoes.....

It would never have occurred to me to “get into some heavy meditation while peeling vegetables”. But reading her letter got me wondering: what opportunities to “meet God in the ordinary" am I missing”?
How about you?

Do you have interesting, everyday ways you connect with God?

Oh… and if you hate peeling potatoes, too, check here.

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